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Freedom From Poverty

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In Australia today our people are facing a crisis:

2,990,300 live below the poverty line, including 730,000 children.

105,000 are homeless, including 28,000 children.

738,900 are unemployed and 1,095,975 are underemployed.

There are only 181,000 job vacancies.

These numbers represent millions of lives burdened by poverty. People relying on our safety nets don’t have welfare dependency; they have money dependency, just like everyone else. They have human rights and needs, just like everyone else. And our Members of Parliament and Government, representing all Australians, are the only ones who can ensure we meet those needs. It’s been almost 30 years since our national leaders pursued a vision to tackle poverty. We can’t all be safe and free until our Parliament commits to building a real safety net we can rely on.

There are three things Parliament need to do to end poverty in Australia:

  • raise and fix our safety nets to make income support liveable and accessible
  • work with us all to form and implement a national plan to end poverty
  • enshrine in Australian law our international human rights to an adequate standard of living, access to social security, housing, food, health, education and work.

We formed Freedom from Poverty while sitting around a kitchen table in Adelaide the night before we attended an Anti-Poverty Week conference in October. We’re committed to working with the Parliament we have, building the Parliament we need, and protecting and supporting people who want to speak out safely.

Our Parliament believes in freedom. We want freedom from poverty. Let’s make that happen together.

Join the movement for Freedom from Poverty

Join the movement for Freedom from Poverty