31 years & 211 days since an Australian Prime Minister committed to no Australian child living in poverty.

It has been 31 years since Prime Minister Bob Hawke committed Australia to the goal that “By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty.

Yet today 731,000+ kids live in poverty and 28,000+ are homeless. They make up part of the 3 million humans facing poverty and 105,000+ homeless in Australia

We need to end this for all generations – now and future.

We can only succeed when we have a national plan to do this.

We can only succeed when our Federal, State, Territory and Local representatives work together with the people to do this.

But most importantly, we can succeed and we will succeed.

Bob Hawke’s goal was not a statement to regret; it is a vision to fight for, every day, until we achieve it.

We can’t wait another 30 years.

We won’t wait another 30 years. 

It’s time to build our pathway to end poverty.

And that starts with us.

The path to freedom from poverty starts with people making a commitment together.

  1. We are committed to the vision of eradicating homelessness and poverty.
  2. We are committed to building the national plan that Australia needs to do this.
  3. We are committed to building the public, political and parliamentary support that Australia needs to do this.
  4. We are committed to voting with our conscience at every election, giving preference to candidates committed to freedom from poverty for everyone.
  5. We call on all elected representatives of the Australian people to make each of these commitments and act on them now.
Commitment form

We will submit these commitments and the list of signatories to elected political representatives in Australia. Over time we will be touch with all who make these commitments to help bring people together, take action together and make this vision a reality together.